John Gallanders - Chief Officer

Once again this year has seen significant changes in the Third Sector and how it operates across Wrexham County Borough. A wide range of funding cuts and reconfiguration of services has increased the challenges that Third Sector organisations and individuals face in providing services and support to everyone in the community.

AVOW has continued to recruit many hundreds of new volunteers to enhance the Third Sector in Wrexham. I am always amazed by the number of people who are prepared to offer time and support for others in their communities with no wish to receive a reward. Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy – you vote in elections once every few years but when you volunteer you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in.

There is no such thing as being ‘only a volunteer’ - volunteers are the life blood of our communities and we would all be a lot worse off without volunteers helping the elderly, children and young people and with various community projects.

AVOW’s Silver Jubilee year in 2013/14 seems an age away. We are heading towards our Pearl Anniversary in 2018/19 with very many unknowns – political and financial. However, staying united as a sector and linking with AVOW will ensure all organisations and individuals are informed, supported and collectively have a stronger voice.

Remember - never ever feel isolated as an individual or organisation, AVOW is here to help you.

John Leece-Jones - Chair

The past year has been one of considerable challenges for AVOW and the Sector; however there have been successes as well.

AVOW’s staff and volunteers have performed magnificently in dealing professionally and compassionately with all that has come their way. I am delighted that AVOW staff and volunteers have been recognised locally, regionally, nationally and UK wide for their dedication, quality and innovation.

AVOW fully recognises the pressure on Public Sector funding and the need for budget cuts but trusts that Wrexham County Borough Council will hold meaningful consultation to ensure that any service reduction to AVOW and other Third Sector organisations has minimal detrimental impact on organisations and individuals. AVOW has always welcomed any Council Officers or Members to discuss difficult situations and firmly believes that a full partnership approach is required to reduce the impact on Wrexham citizens.

A major concern is the Welsh Government’s apparent determination to reconfigure Local Government in Wales. Having been urged to cooperate, collaborate or work jointly, CVCs now have the difficulty of attempting to second guess which of their neighbours to partner. AVOW, has been proactive in promoting a North Wales approach and has participated in joint projects with our neighbours.

In conclusion I would like to thank all those who have supported AVOW, our workers (both volunteers and staff) and of course the Trustees .Also thanks to our Chief Officer and Deputy Chief Officer, who have very ably represented the interests of the Sector and those who we serve both locally, regionally and nationally.”

Trustees over the year

James Aylward Joyce M'Caw
Mervyn Dean Wanjiku Mbugua
Marjorie Dykins Stephen Perkins
Fred Evans Barbara Roxburgh
Dave Hylands Anne Ryan (vice-chair)
John Leece-Jones (chair) Michael Williams
Moira Jones Rosemarie Williams

Staff at AVOW over the year

Audrey Bulcock Marie Gibson Chris Roberts
Kate Davies Craig Hurst Sharon Stocker
John Gallanders Roger Moore Rafat Arshad-Roberts
Daniel Jones Ceri Ord Marie Dingley-Shortt
Katherine Jones Ramona Ozolina-Jones Victoria Holberry
Victoria Milner Fran Bunning Heather Hicks
Janet Radford Sophie Bunning Gemma Rose Jones
Ken Rowlands Sharon Evans David Bullough
Richard Sciensinski Sophie Johnson Natalie Garratt
Gavin Thomas Lis Nicholson Claire Griffiths
Darren Tomkins Carlee Taylor-Davies Aaron Jones
Val Connelly Carolyn Wilkes Gemma Dee Jones
Joanne Evans Annabel Boyce Matthew Overson
Vicky Hand Wayne Greenshields Gareth Poole
Natasha McQueen Charlie Jones Natalie Sear
Tegan Sollis Peter Jones
Terri Brown Tony Ormond

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Business Support Carers Community Development
Volunteer Centre Health and Social Care Play team
Little Sunflowers Child Care

Find out more about our Trustees and Staff at



Every year there are periods when none of the statutory agencies are open to supply food and aid for the homeless of Wrexham.

In each of the last five years there has been a tremendous response from the people and communities of Wrexham County Borough to AVOW’s (Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham) Annual Appeal for financial donations and food/ clothing and sleeping bags to enable parcels of food and clothing to be distributed to the needy and homeless of Wrexham via the SURF (Service Users Reaching Forward) project.

To find out more about what AVOW do for the homeless, contact Pete Jones on 01978 312556 or email

Carers Service


Wrexham Carers Service has been invaluable to us on the ward. Being able to support carers has improved our confidence in discharging patients, knowing that there is increased support for their carers and a reduced likelihood of readmission. From a carer perspective we have had good feedback with those that have had input being exceptionally grateful for the help/advice and even equipment provided. It is such an invaluable service and thanks to advice from Annabel and a ward based training session, more and more staff are aware of the service and can then in turn refer more carers.

Sarah Smutts, Nurse Navigator, MAU, Wrexham Maelor Hospital



Friday 6th March 2015 saw Wrexham’s first Anti-Poverty Conference arranged by the Anti-Poverty Development Group under the Local Service Board (LSB). The conference, entitled “On the Breadline”, was attended by various organisations with a view to sharing information and collectively discussing how poverty can be best tackled throughout the County Borough of Wrexham.

Over 100 representatives attended from over 30 organisations – all of which provide services to help vulnerable people in or at risk of poverty.

AVOW played a large part in organising the event along with other members of the Anti-Poverty Development Group and it is considered that there is vast knowledge within Wrexham to aid the alleviation of poverty but that all needed to work together to share knowledge and best practice to benefit the most vulnerable people in Wrexham.



Our ‘junk’ playground – The Land - continues to go from strength to strength. A far cry from the traditional playground with makeshift swings and slides that may last a day or week, The Land continues to enhance children’s play experiences throughout Wrexham County Borough and beyond, with people visiting from as far as Japan & America to find out what all the fuss is about.

This year the team won the National Playwork Award for Outstanding Playwork Provision. An independent panel of play experts heard how the AVOW Play team ensures the Land is a space that is subject to constant change, evolving in response and at the request of the playing child and their subjective needs and desires. A space of diversity, subject to both construction and destruction.

given out


Total amount distributed through grants to the third sector in Wrexham County Borough

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  • Make a Difference Grant
  • Gwirvol Grant
  • Youth Revenue Support Grant


Through the Make a Difference Grant

Since the Grant opened

  • A total of £9,056 Has been distributed to local community groups and organisations
  • There have been 49 applicants in total
  • Of these,
    23 have received grants for their project/organisation


Through the Gwirvol Grant Scheme

  • Amounts of £500 have been distributed to help young people develop and deliver projects
  • 11 Organisations received funding


Through the youth revenue support grant

  • Each organisation received
    £200 for their respective projects
  • 75 third sector youth organisations awarded

Awards & Recognitions

AVOW Successfully re-assessed for Green Dragon Level 1 & 2

AVOW Receives Silver Award for a Healthy Workplace

Volunteers Day

AVOW Celebrates Nelson Mandela Day by participating in 67 minutes of Volunteering

Friends of Wrexham Carers Service is formed

Tony Ormond was awarded the Police and Crime Comissioners Award for "Individual Endeavour"

AVOW receives Exemplar Employer Award from Chwarae Teg

Stephanie Brickwood won "Champion Volunteer" at Trinity Mirror Awards

AVOW Christmas Reception

This year AVOW invited guests to remember The Holocaust on Holocaust Memorial Day, 27th January

The Land achieved a national playwork award for "Outstanding Playwork Provision"

AVOW was assessed for and received PQASSO Level 2 Award

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Financial Info

Assocation of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham (AVOW) Statement of Financial Activities for the year ended 31st March 2015 (Incorporating the income and expenditure account)

Unrestricted Funds £ Restricted Funds £ Total Funds 2015 £ Total Funds 2014 £
Incoming Resources
Incoming Resources from Generated Funds
Voluntary Income 139,885 6,751 176,589 157,243
Investment Income-interest receivable 1,481 - 1,481 4,085
Incoming resoures from charitable activities 125,112 813,384 938,496 1,003,262
Total incoming resources 266,431 820,135 1,086,566 1,003,262
Resources Expended
Charitable Activities 441,826 582,589 1,024,415 1,173,594
Governance Costs 9,759 20 9,779 24,237
Total resources expended 451,585 582,609 1,034,194 1,197,831
Net incoming/(outgoing) resources for the year before transfers (185,154) 237,526 52,372 (194,569)
Gross transfers between funds 149,057 (149,057) - -
Net movements in funds (36,097) 88,469 52,372 (194,569)
Reconciliation of funds:
Total funds brought forward 155,588 105,208 260,796 455,365
Total funds carried forward 119,491 193,677 313,168 260,796

Assocation of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham (AVOW) Balance Sheet as of 31st March 2015

2015 £ £ 2014 £ £
Fixed Assets
Tangible Assets 204,641 222,718
Current Assets
Debtors 87,447 58,914
Cash at Bank and In Hand 375,167
Creditors: Amounts falling due within one year (183,787) (156,700)
Net Current Assets 278,827 213,578
Total Assets Less Current Liabilities 483,468 436,296
Creditors: Amounts falling due after more than one year (170,300) (175,500)
Net Assets 313,168 260,796
The Funds of the Charity:
Restricted Funds 193,677 105,208
Unrestricted Funds
General Reserves 26,786 87,274
Designated Funds 92,705 68,314
Total Charity Funds 313,168 260,796

The statement of Financial Activities includes all gains and losses in the year. All incoming resources and resources expended derive from continuing activities.

The financial details shown above are extracts from the annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015. These financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the provisions for companies subject to the small companies’ regime, and with the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (effective April 2008).

The financial statements were approved by the Board of Directors on 16th June 2015 and signed on its behalf by John Leece Jones (Chair)

A copy of the full annual report and accounts can be obtained from: John Leece Jones, Secretary, Tŷ Avow, 21 Egerton Street, Wrexham, LL11 1ND. Telephone: 01978 312556, Email: