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Need Funding Support – Our Stats Speak For Themselves

Need Funding Support? Our Stats Speak For Themselves

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Need Funding support? Our Stats speak for themselves.

When you are looking for funding support, you need to go to a name that you can trust. Someone that is going to give you the right advice, at the right time.

That advice is offered by AVOW to all our members. If you would like to become a member, just get in touch on [email protected]

AVOW are the experts when it comes to funding. This financial year to date we have helped Wrexham organisations receive over 2.2 million pounds worth of funding, and have been a grant provider, and supported organisations and ultimately their beneficiaries, receive a total of £460,000 for a multitude of projects throughout Wrexham Borough.

Last year, 27% of respondents to our survey were looking for funding for over £50,000 with a further 18% looking for funding between £11,000 and £50,000. That’s 45% of people coming to AVOW, and trusting AVOW to help them get funding for large sums of money. 65% were looking for funding below £10 thousand, with the majority looking for funding between £5 and £10,000 (36%).

Much of the money was for new projects (73%), with 23% seeking ongoing funding for existing projects. 5% were looking for funding to fund a paid post within their organization. This just goes to show just how vital this service is to ensuring that your charitable organization is properly funded.

Pie Chart - How much money are people seeking. Our stats speak for themselves

The majority of people that responded said that they would want a ‘meet the funder’ workshop, either virtually or on site. These workshops have already begun with the Heritage Lottery Fund coming to meet those that would be seeking grants from them to talk about how best they can work together. This is a unique opportunity to be able to speak directly to those that are looking to fund projects just like yours. With AVOW your organization has access to these funders, as well as guided conversations that can really improve your chances of being funded.

Respondents to the survey gave the AVOW funding service 4.73/5, and no responder would rate the service less than 3.

Members of AVOW can also take advantage of having their draft grant applications receive objective criticism by our Funding Manager before they are sent to a funder – to ensure the application is the best it can be and the organization be rewarded with the necessary funds!

We’re rightly proud of this service because of the very real difference it can make to people, but don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of those that responded had to say:

AVOW also manage a very active Facebook Funding page where there are daily funding posts and information to assist organisations in their search for funding.

“Everything is really good and approachable,”

“Funding advice is always readily available.”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”

“you’re a superstar!”

Those that responded to the survey didn’t just find our fundraising section to be what they valued most about their service – they were also looking for help with volunteers and volunteering. They were looking for a way to make sure their policies were all up to date, and making sure that their charity had the right forms of governance documents in place. Some really valued the AVOW payroll service, and others really valued the Health and Wellbeing Network by AVOW.

The work of a charity or a charitable organisation is too valuable to our society to find themselves struggling with these important, but incredibly complex tasks. That’s why the County Voluntary Councils (CVC) exist. They are a physical manifestation of the acknowledgement of just how important it is that this valuable work doesn’t grind to a halt chasing the next small grant, but can flourish. All of these services are available to every charity or charitable organisation in Wales through their local CVC. AVOW is Wrexham’s County Voluntary Council. If you need funding support then AVOW is the natural and obvious choice to put your charity on a firm foundation for the future. Our stats speak for themselves.

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If you are looking for help and advice from our funding officer, or any officer working at AVOW reach out to us over our main email address: [email protected]

You can also visit our Funding Facebook Page

For more about what AVOW can offer, see other pages on this website, or visit our Facebook page

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