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A Warm Welcome / Croeso Cynnes

Third Sector organisations, community groups and non-profits: With the cost-of-living crisis starting to bite, we are all thinking of ways we can help the public in this trying time. As a sector, we excel at this, and there is an abundance of warm hubs springing up – which is great – but what if someone not only wanted to get warm but also wanted to interact with people and perhaps learn something new?

This is where you come in: in your community activities, do you have space for people to come along, meet people, learn things and get warm? Perhaps you even offer refreshments as well?

If you are willing to invite people along to your group and give them a warm welcome, please click here to complete this form so that we can help get the message out to the public, and help direct them where they wish to go.

You may even get more members from this initiative! Thank you for your time.

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