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TCC Campaign: Changing Places for Wales

TCC (Together Creating Communities / Trefnu Cymunedol Cymru) tackles social injustice by supporting diverse communities to gain the power they need to enact change. They do this through community organizing – bringing together local groups so they can set their own agenda and take action. Formed in 1995, they are the UK’s oldest community organizing group.

Their current campaign focus – ‘Changing Places For Wales’

Changing Places are specially adapted accessible toilets with hoists, an adult-sized changing bed, and grabrails. Over 250,000 people in the UK need Changing Places Toilets – they are life-changing – however, there are only around 50 in the whole of Wales! This lack of facility leads to exclusion, and limits how long people can stay out, or how far people can go from home. You can look online to find your nearest Changing Places here. TCC Wales is taking action to change this!

You can watch the Campaign designed to highlight this issue in English a Welsh yma.

What they want:

People have been excluded and ignored for too long already! It is time for #ChangingPlacesForWales

  1. They are asking local councils to update their toilets strategies to include Changing Places Toilets.
  2. They are asking our Members of the Senedd (MSs) to raise the issue of Changing Places for Wales and find a way for Welsh communities to have Changing Places Toilets.

They want the same in Denbighshire!

How you can support:

  1. Please like and share their campaign video (links in English a Welsh)
  2. Follow the campaign on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) – Their Social Media Hashtags are: #ChangingPlacesForWales #ChangingPlacesAwarenessDay #CPAD22 #incLOOsion
  3. Contact your local Councillor or your Member of the Senedd and tell them why Changing Places are important to you!
  4. You can also look at planning applications in your area, and you can object to any major developments that do not include Changing Places Toilets: To do this, go to your council website and search planning applications.

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