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WaveLength: The Gift of Technology for the Lonely & Isolated

WaveLength helps support those who are lonely due to age, poor physical or mental health or are isolated through other circumstances across the UK.

It gives free radios, televisions and tablet computers to those who are lonely and unable to afford to buy the technology for themselves. The gift of technology can be a lifeline and can reduce loneliness through having the ability to connect with others and the outside world.

Referrers are able to apply on behalf of an individual by downloading an application form from the website. Documentation will be required. A Referrer may be a professional agency such as Social Services or a concerned individual such as a postman or friend.

WaveLength also supports organisations that help people who are lonely with technology for communal spaces or projects. It also works in partnership with Vodafone UK to provide free pre-loaded SIM cards to Ukrainian refugees.

Please click here to learn more and/or apply for help.

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