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Vodafone: Charities Connected

Any charity in the UK can apply for free connectivity to help vulnerable individuals and families get online and improve its own digital capability, under a new initiative from Vodafone.

The ‘Charities Connected’ initiative is part of Vodafone’s recently announced commitment to tackle digital exclusion and connect one million people by the end of 2022. Registered charities can apply for the free connectivity, which comes in the form of SIM cards with 20GB of data, plus free calls and texts every month for six months.

The SIM cards will work in any SIM-enabled device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop or MiFi dongle.

To apply, charities need to complete an online form, including information on how free connectivity will support the project and the number of people set to benefit. Multiple SIMs can be requested and repeat applications can be made if the organisation has a range of digital exclusion projects underway.

Please click here to apply.

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